Delivery for the little things.

We're changing how delivery works so that you can have the things you need most, delivered to you. It's free too.

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How it works

Have anything brought to you

Frrand lets you request anything you want. From a book from the bookstore, to a Double-Double from Timmies.

We'll find the right person

We will match you with perfect person to bring you what you need. Then all you have to do is confirm.


Now that you have what you needed, just return the favour when you're out!

It's about community

In an age of living online, we find it rare to have personal, physical interactions with one another. Frrand aims to change this by making it easier for people in your community to help each other in meaningful ways such as bringing you the things you need, cost free.

Frrand operates everywhere

Because Frrand doesn't require us to hire employees in your area, we can effectively work any place on the planet. All that we need is for you and all your friends to download the app and start doing favours for each other.

We need your help.

What we're doing is completely new and revolutionary. In our early days, we need the support of our users to spread the word and build the community. So download the app, share our website, and start requesting.

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